Evening time is the play time for children ,

Tea time for family and time to eat some snacks. 
We get bored with the same taste of the food.
So let’s know a new recepie which everyone is going to love it. 
Apparently chips is like our best friend. Whenever we are at home or on a trip , in a car , picnics , spending time with the friends, we buy chips.
Mostly we order pizza , we love to eat because it has cheesey flavour. 
Now, let’s see some fusion recepie.

It is the fusion of cheese and chips. We all know about cheese , also we have eaten in the pizza , with the bread etc. But this time we are going to eat with chips. It is served as lunch or dinner time. Cheesey chips or cheese fries consists of cheese topped over the chips or fries. 

Ingredients we need :-

  • Chips:- 1 packet 
  • Cheese:- 1/4th cup cheese
  • Onion:- 1 
  • Tomato:- 1
  • Organo seeds:- 1 tea spoon
  • Red chilli flakes:- 1tea spoon
  •  Coriander leaves:- to decorate 
  • Salt 

Steps to make :- 

Step 1 :-

Place all the chips in the plate. 

Step 2 :-

Chop the onion and tomato in a small pieces.

Step 3 :- 

Spread the chopped onion and tomato on the chips . 

Step 4 :-  spread some salt as per taste.

Step 5 :- Add chese on it and above it add chilli flakes , organo seeds and lastly, add coriander leaves. 

Step 6 :- heat a little bit if you have oven then it’s fine.

If you don’t have oven ,then put a water on the flame for boiling. Above that put the plate on the , cheese will melt with heat.

We can try this with every flavoured chips or fries.

Now,  it’s ready to be served. 

Serve this with the cold drink.

And enjoy your time. 😊😊

Try this recipe , I hope you will love this. 


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