During this hot sizzling summer, cold coffee can be our good friends. A sweet in taste and mood refreshing drink. It’s simple to make and really very tasty. 

It is the first choice by the people when they are in the cafeteria or restaurants during the summer time. Most of the people also drink this during winter. 

As we know coffee is like our friend that makes our mind refreshing and it is considered good drink during the exam or completing assignments. It makes us more focused on our work. 

From my personal experience, I can tell you that during the summer time this drink is the best option to try it out. It is so simple to make that if you see it one time the recipe, you are not going to forget it. And of course, if you have not tried it making this at home, try this because after making this you are also going to love this recipe and you will also feel the same that this is the best drink during the summer time. 

As during this time we have to be at our home due to the corona virus, and cannot go out with our friends. So, the best idea is to make cold coffee at home and enjoy this while talking with your friend on video call.  You will have the better time and a memorable one. 

As I told, this is my personal experience, and I have tried this a year ago. And this was the superb idea did with my friends.

To make this only we need is coffee powder, milk, ice and chocolate syrup. 

To make this we need to follow some simple steps.

First, take 1bowl of boiled milk. 

Second, take 3tbps of coffee powder.

Third, take half cup of sugar.

Fourth, take chocolate syrup for decoration.

Fifth, one cup full ice.

Steps :-

  1. Take a boiled chilled milk.
  2. Add the milk in the jar.
  3. Add the ice cube in it.
  4. Also add coffee powder in it and sugar.
  5. Grind it well.

Cold coffee is ready

How to serve :-

Take a glass, add chocolate syrup inside, middle of the glass. Add the cold coffee in it.

Above this add ice cream (optional). 

Sprinkle some coffee powder on it , also chocolate syrup (optional).

Put straw in it, and chocolate waffles (optional) 

Now, it’s ready to serve.

Try this cold coffee. And also share with your friends and enjoy this summer drink.

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