An Italian White Sauce Pasta is a creamy salty pasta. A tangy flavour dish and can be addictive. It is a healthy and nutrition food and also contains a large amount of calcium and  protein.

It is mostly found in the restaurants and also famous among youngsters. It’s a famous snack as well as during the dinner time. A creamy flavoured food has different names according to the place. 

There are different types of pasta sauce which is famous all over the world, white sauce is one of them which includes milk, butter, cheese and white flour.

It takes hardly 22-25 min to make. It is a easy recipe and can be cooked by anyone. It’s easy to make at home and enjoy the time. 

Due to the second strain of corona virus, we have to be safe. And being at home and taking precautions is the only way. So being at home for all 24hours we actually need some changes in food to keep our mood good.

So trying this easy and tasty dish is the best option. 
To make this first we need, 
Milk:- 1cup
Butter:- 1tbs
White flour:- 1tbs
Cheese:- one small cube of cheese( amul cheese, cost 10rupees) 
Pasta:- 1 cup 
Onion:- 1
Capsicum:- chopped red, green and yellow capsicum half cup.
Before following the steps make sure the milk is boiled it will take less time.
How to make?
Step 1:- Boil the pasta 
Step 2:- After the pasta is boiled, take a chisel(channi in Hindi) and separate the boiled pasta from the water and wash the pasta and keep aside in the bowl.
Step 3:- take a pan and add a butter and fry the onion and capsicums.
Step 4:- Now place the pan on the flame. After the pan is hot, add butter.
Step 5:- After this add milk, then add white flour in it , mix it well. After this, when it little thickens then add cheese in it. Add salt as per the taste.
If you want you can add red chilli flakes organo in it.
Step 6:- Now add the boiled pasta and fried veggies in it.
Mix it well and after 2 min switch off the flame.
White Sauce Pasta is ready for serve.

How to serve:-
Take a 2 plate , add the White sauce pasta in it. For garnishing , if required add red chilli flakes on it. Add some grated cheese on it.

A hot creamy flavoured pasta is ready for 2 people. Enjoy the pasta and the time.


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