Mango Shake is one of the most favourite and demanding drink during the summer season. It’s really tasty and refreshing. It’s very easy to make and less time taking. It can be made in few minutes and can be taken during the mid day. 

My mom mostly makes this in the month of May and June. It’s a part of breakfast because it covers the whole meal. A sweet-cold in taste and also a healthy and energetic drink. 

Let me share one of my incident. It was the summer time, one of my friend visited my home at afternoon and she was totally tired. My mom gave her a mango Shake to drink. As she was not a mango lover but when she saw a fusion of mango Shake and tasted. Now, she is also the lover of mango shake. And most of the time she comes to my home just for drinking mango shake. But due to the covid-19 now she has also started making this recipe at home and she is enjoying a lot. 

It takes only 5 min to make this drink. Only we need is mango, dahi.


  • Mango:- one bowl full of mango piece
  • Curd(dahi):- one bowl full
  • Ice cubes:- 3,4 pieces just for cooling (optional)
  • Sugar:- on small cup full

Steps to make this:- 

  1. Add one bowl of curd in the juice grinder.
  2. Now add mango pieces in it.
  3. Add sugar in it.
  4. Grind it till it mixes well.

Now the mango shake is ready for drink.

For decoration:- 

Fill the shake in the glasses. Now take one scope of ice cream add in each of the glasses. Now drop some of the mango pieces on it. Also cherry can be added. 

It’s ready to serve for 2-3 people. 

Enjoy this recipe and try it and also share with your friends and family

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