Maggie is the first choice for evening snack at home. Eating late night Maggie is more fun. If we have siblings at home or friends the first choice to eat is Maggie. Nowadays, Maggie is like our emotions example watching movies late night or being with siblings and gossiping late night and want to eat something we choose to eat Maggie. It can be also called as “maggie is love”. 

Experimenting various fusion with Maggie is getting trend in another level. Everyone is just loving the new varieties of Maggie. Few months ago, I came across one of the new dish called”White Sauce Maggie” and it’s really very tasty. A cheesy taste of Maggie made my day. This I have eaten at my friends house and I could not stop myself to try this at my home. When I made this adding some veggies , it was so tasty. Even my family also tried this and they couldn’t stop themselves  by asking more Maggie. This made my day and I decided to share this recipe. 

If you are a cheese lover you are going to love this a lot and also you are not a cheese lover then also you are going to enjoy this dish and this will become one of your favourite dish. It’s easy to make and can be made in few minutes, around 15min. Just need to follow step by step to make a delicious “White Sauce Maggie”.


  • Maggie:- 2packets (₹10each packet)
  • Capsicum:- 2
  • Onion:-2
  • Milk:-1full tea cup 
  • Cheese:- 1 (cube of amul cheese)
  • Organo :- 1 small packet
  • Red chilli flakes:-2 packet
  • Salt 
  • Maida:- 1tbs

Steps to make:- 

  1. Take a container , add water on it and keep it on thr flame.
  2. After the water is boiling, add the Maggie in it. Let it be cooked.
  3. Take out the Maggie after it is cooked, wash the Maggie once and keep it aside.
  4. Chop the onion and capsicum in small pieces. 
  5. Now, take a pan out on the flame. Add one spoon of oil or add butter. 
  6. Fry the chopped ingredients and add Maggie in it also add instant masala. Mix well.

Also you can add broqile , peas,corns etc upto your choice. 

To prepare white sauce and then final White Sauce Maggie.

  1. Take out in the bowl. 
  2. Now add milk in the pan. Let it be hot. 
  3. After the milk is hot, add maida mix it and then add cheese. Stir it untill it gets thickens. 
  4. Now, add a 1 spoon of butter(optional) 
  5. Now add the veggie Maggie in it and salt (as per you choice and taste).
  6. Mix it well and then add chili flakes and organo in it.

The “WHITE SAUCE MAGGIE” is ready for 4 people. 

Serve the hot-cheesy Maggie with your closed ones. 

Try this at your home and also share with you friends and families and enjoy your fun time with this. 

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