MOMOS is one of the most favourite among youth in the world. A lot of varities has come in the momos. People are just going crazy to try every different style of momos. We can see everywhere in a stall, food truck and also in restaurants. People have started making at home by seeing the recipe online. 

I am one of them who is always ready to try a new fusion of dish. I tried making momos fusing it with maggie. All we have eaten Maggie, a dish made of Schezwan or dosa , noodles with Schezwan chutney. What I thought was to make a momos but in a different way. I made “Schezwan Maggie Momos”.

It was super fun idea and I really not thought about the result because trying something with whole heart is important and I was determined that it will be a wonderful success and guess what, the result was amazing. My whole family really loved this fusion of momos. My father always avoid these type of foods but when I requested him to taste only one momo ,he was like “wow”, it’s yummy. After that he asked one more momo and yes that was my success. And my grandmother loves deep fried momos, so I made “Deep fried Schezwan Maggie Momosfor her and yes, again I can see a smile on her face. For me it was a great satisfaction and a happiness in my heart that my thought I changed into work has a great result.

So let’s have a look on how to prepare the”Schezwan Maggie Momos” and also”Deep Fried Schezwan Maggie Momos”.

Basically, many of us think that how to cook momos without momos utensils. Many of us just do not try at home because they don’t have momos utensils. So let me tell you for making momos we generally don’t need momos utensils. We can cook this without momos utensils. At home most of us have ‘Idli maker’ utensils, we can cook in that. Also with some of the utensils available at home. 

How to prepare Momos fillings? 

To prepare Momos fillings we need,


  • Onion:-2 
  • Capsicum:-3
  • Cabbage:- 1/2
  • Maggie:- 4 packets(5rupees each)
  • Schezwan chutney:-2 packet(10rupess each)
  • Ginger:- 1/2
  • Garlic:-4 pieces 
  • Salt:-1tbs
  • Oil
  • Green chilli:-3 

Chop all the onion, capsicum, ginger, garlic, green chilli in a small pieces. 

Steps to prepare fillings:-

  1. Heat the pan. Keep the flame at medium. 
  2. Add oil, then garlic and ginger in it. Next add onion and chilli. Saute for 2 minutes
  3. Add cabbage and capsicum. Mix it well and saute it for 5minutes. 
  4. Now add salt as per taste. Mix well. 
  5. In other side, boil the Maggie. After boiling for 2 minutes remove all the water from Maggie and wash it with fresh water and add one drop of oil in it so that all the Maggie is separated and not sticking to eachother. 
  6. Now add the Maggie in the pan in which all the veggie are fried.
  7. Now add Schezwan chutney and instant Maggie masala in it. Mix it well.
  8. And after 2 min switch off the flame.
  9. If you want you can add coriander leaves in it.
  10. Fillings is ready.

How to prepare dough?

Take a one bowl full white flour. Start adding little water in it. Mash it again and again and add water until it become a soft dough. Remember do not put too much of water otherwise it will be a mess. When the dough is ready take a small clean cloth and cover it and keep aside for 15 minutes. Our dough is ready now.

How to cook?

Take a small dough. Roll in a thin circle. Take one spoon of fillings and add in the dough. Now close the dough nicely. 

  1. Take any pan, in which you cook tea. Fill half water and wait untill it starts boiling. Above it keep one plate or plain utensil which has small-small whole all around(Channi). 
  2. Now keep the prepared momos in the plain utensils. Cover the utensil so that it will be cooked nicely. 
  3. Wait for 15minutes and then take out the momos. It is ready. 

How to cook “Deep fried Schezwan Maggie momos”?

Take a pan. Fill the oil in it. After the oil is hot, put the steamed momos in it. Fry it until it gets golden brown. Now take out from the pan. The deep fried momos are also ready. 

How to serve?

Serve this hot sizzling momos with momo chutney/coriander chutney/Schezwan chutney. It’s ready for 8 people. It takes 50-55 minutes in whole process. But wait for some minutes and let the momos to be cooled so that you can feel the taste and the taste will come very nicely. 

Enjoy and have fun.

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