Sweet dish is one of the most favorite and famous among the people. With every meal we need one sweet dish as a desert or a start up. When we go restaurants we order ice creams, sweets, pastries, cakes etc. as a desert. When we are at home if there is any functions or any day like birthday, anniversary or any special day we make delicious foods and with that we make 1-2 sweet items like kheer, sewai, halwa, rasgulla, gulab jamun, cake etc.

Being at home and cannot eat the sweets from outside like restaurants and hotels also feeling though to cook at home then why not to try a simple easy sweet taste desert called “Halwa”. Yes, by listening the name you feel like what we have already eaten at home. Our mother mainly cooks for us. But what when we really want some sweet which can be made within a less time. Also when we have a busy schedule and need to take a small break around 15-20 minutes and eat some sweet dish which not only makes the mood refresh but also gives energy.


 Besan halwa is a sweet Indian desert. Mainly we can find this in the Indian house. The halwa is filled with some dry fruits to make it more delicious. This is a basic part of a desert. Mostly this is served after the meal, also served during evening time or when the guests arrives. It is one of the favourite desert among families. Is so quick recipe and less time taking. It is a neutritional dish. 

Why Besan halwa?

Besan halwa is not only tasty but also provides us energy. It is rich in protein and a good source of vitamins. It also manages cholesterols. Eating Besan helps in burning fats which helps in losing weight. Also we can eat during breakfast. 

So here is the easy recipe for breakfast.

Let’s have a look on the recipe of Besan halwa.

Time takes to cook:- 20-25 minutes

For :- 2-3 people

Ingredients :-

• Besan:- one bowl

• Milk:- one bowl

• Sugar:- 1 small cup

• Oil:- 2-3tbs

• Dry fruits:- optional

Steps to make Besan halwa:-

• On a medium flame let the pan gets hot.

• Add oil in it. If you have elaichi add 2 pieces.

• Now add Besan in it. Stir it till it gets fried brown colour. At least for 10-15 minutes.

• Now add sugar and mix it well. Again fry it for 5 minutes.

• Now add milk and mix nicely.

• If you want add chopped dry fruits in it.

Serve this hot halwa topping with some dry fruits. Enjoy this at any time like while doing work or after meal, also during evening time. 

 It is a quick easy recipe which can be made while you are in a lodge or in a flat living alone then try this out. You all will love this recipe and also share with your friends and close ones.

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