We find moong dal halwa in a sweet shop and also we eat it at home. We especially like the outside moong dal halwa very much and it is filled with pure ghee and dry fruits, such that when we have a birthday party, wedding or any other function, if it has sweets, then we can make this sweet dish together. Surely everyone loves it. Often people just like this desert. If made using ghee and dry fruits in the right sequence, then it becomes very tasty.

Moong Dal Halwa is one of the most famous dessert/sweet dish in Rajasthan. It was first started in Rajasthan and today everywhere it is famous and known in every part of Indian and also some parts of foreign countries. 

Moong ka halwa is one of the Indian cultural/classic dish. Nowadays, whether it is a restaurant or a sweet shop, this moong dal halwa is found everywhere. People like this and also eat. 

People often like to cook food at home.

We always make something or the other from moong dal. Yes, pakora, cheela, bread chops etc. We have eaten all these dishes by making  at home. Even we have made moong dal halwa, that would be special and tasty for people at home. But there are some people who still have a hard part in making it with the right steps. We miss a few steps may not give you the right flavor you want on your own.

What happens is that we forgets to continue in a right steps. Or else it happens that the fine paste is not grinded or if it is grinded like liquid then that  is a mistake. Often people forget that the amount of ghee / refined oil should be more, till it be good. After adding ghee, then add gram flour. Missing all these, we do not get the taste of outside or your favorite moong halwa.

So let’s go today and make a right moong daal halwa and I have  right stepwise,  that you can make it at home with easy. 

   ” Moong dal halwa recipe”

           ‘ Summary’ 

First put moong dal in water and keep it. So that it gets completed well after 5-6 hours. Now take out the moong dal from the water and grind it well. It is to be grinded, not too thin, the paste is to be kept. Now we will tire sugar syrup in a pan. Then after adding ghee to the another paan, add a little gram flour and mix it with ghee. Add the moong dal paste and keep mixing it well. Always keep the flame between medium to low. Now when it has started getting a light golden brown color, then add sugar syrup and keep going again. And keep stirring till it gets mixed well and ready. When all the sugar syrup has been mixed in the pudding and has dried, more color has started coming in it, then immediately add grated dry fruits. And keep mixing well. At last you will see that the halwa is ready. Now in a plate or bowl serve the moong dal halwa.  And lastly, sprinkle some grated dry fruits on top and serve.

necessary ingredients :-

  • Moong dal :- 1 cup
  • Sugar:- 1 cup
  • Water:- 1 cup
  • Ghee:- 1 cup
  • Dried fruits:- 1/2 cup

Step Wise Moong Dal Halwa Recipe

  • Put moong in a bowl and let the moong daal swell up and keep it in water for 5-6 hours.
  • Now take it out of the water and separate it.
  • And grind it in the grinder machine.
  • Grind for some 10-15 seconds.
  • Now take it out and keep it.
  • Sugar and water mix and boil in a pan.
  • Now add a tablespoon of cardamom powder to it. Mix everything.
  • When the water comes to a boil, add 2-3 drops of lemon juice from the sugar and mix it and then put it on the side.
  • Now heat a pan.
  • One cup of ghee in it.
  • Now when the ghee becomes hot, then add one table spoon of gram flour in it. There should be no lumps in the halwa so add flour and everything remains the same.
  • Add the moong dal paste and keep stirring.
  • Keep going till it becomes light brown.
  • Now put sugar syrup in it and keep going.
  • Keep going till it turns brown.
  • If there is saffron then they can add too. (Alternative)
  • Now when it is ready, add chopped dry fruits and stir it well. Like cashews, pistachios, almonds.
  • And keep in mind that all these steps have to be cooked by keeping it in the middle of flame to medium to low.
  • In some 1 hour it will be ready.
  • Now take it out on a plate and serve.
  • Sprinkle grated dry fruits on top and then serve.

Moong Dal Halwa is very beneficial for our body. This not only gives energy to our body, as well as it benefits for our weight loss. Fiber, magnesium are all found in it. It has been said that we must take Moong Dal Halwa twice a week.

If it is not there, then green moong should be eaten every day. Keeps our blood sugar level under control and also keeps the body energetic.

Now that you have got all the information, then try this at home. If the monsoon season is going on, then it is very good to prepare and eat it. Eat hot moong dal pudding in rain and light winter monsoon and enjoy.

Enjoy this easy moong dal halwa recipe and try this out at home and make sure to give to your children and friends. Being at home is not hard if you try out some amazing recipes and make everyday an interesting one. 

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