Various food items are famous in every state of our India. There are various things of some states have information like language, culture, food items etc but some people of the world are like this, they know few but they don’t know that there are some famous and cultural food items which we can use easily at home and also we  can make.

So today I am bringing to you that wonderful, delicious and super easy recipe from India corners which you have to make at home. Who thought that when we go to that world we will try to eat them. If there is no plan to go to that place, then why not try the same style foods at home.

Yes, we are talking about Assam. If you do not have any plan to move outside much at this time, then in your house you should take some feelings of that place. So let’s see 3 most easy and popular and cultural food which we can easily make and enjoy at home.

1. Pitha Recipe / Assamese Pitha Recipe

Assamese Peeth is a fibrous sweet dish. It is a traditional/cultural food of Assam. Healthy, sweet food made from rice flour and made from jaggery (jaggery) and til (black sesame). It is very easy to create it. The texture of rice flour is quite crunchy. This pure family dish gets ready in 10-15 minutes. If you want, you can eat it in your breakfast, lunch or dinner. This dish is a famous and popular food of Assam.

If you want, you can make it at home with very easy process. To make this we need rice flour, sesame seeds, jaggery and shredded coconut. First of all, in a bowl, mix the jaggery, shredded coconut and sesame seeds well. Then put a handful of rice flour on the pan. Put stuffing on it and make it like a roll. The pitha is all done. 

pitha recipe in english

Now let’s see the step wise pitha recipe and the quantity of ingredients required.

necessary ingredients:-

  • Rice flour:- 1 bowl
  • Sesame:- 1 cup
  • Jaggery:- 1 cup
  • Coconut :- 1 cup
  • Fennel (Saunf) :- 1/2 tsp

Step Wise Pitha Recipe:-

  • Put the rice in water and keep it covered for 5-6 hours.
  • Now take out the rice and let it dry well and then grind it.
  • Prepare rice flour and keep it in the fridge for 1-2 hours.
  • Now we get it out and put it aside.
  • Heat a pan and then fry the sesame seeds.
  • Now  put a the sesame seeds in a bowl.
  • Add shredded coconut and mix.
  • Now put all the ingredients in a bowl with jaggery and then add fennel and mix well with hands. Stuffing is ready.
  • Heat the pan lightly.
  • Take rice flour (a handful) in one hand and put it in the paan and then spread it in a round shape.
  • Now put a tablespoon of stuffing in the middle.
  • When the base is ready, roll it out and then keep it on one side of the pan till the rolls become crunchy.
  • Similarly, we will prepare pitha with all the rice flour.
  • Now serve it in a plate.

2. Masor Tenga Assam Recipe

Masoor Tenga is a non veg food. It is a traditional/cultural food of Assamese. There mainly people like to eat it more in the summer season. This dish is very light. As well as salty, spicy . It’s called ‘Fish Curry’ too. The fish curry we make in our home is the same. Just marinate it with spices first and then fry it and dip it in roasted spices.

The same we all make it at our home as same like masor tenga. But in the name of fish curry. Let’s see what is the last secret of this ‘Masar Tenga’. Is it the same or something different from what we make in our house?

necessary ingredients:-

  • Rohu fish/Katla fish:- 6-7 pieces-7
  • turmeric powder
  • Fenugreek seeds (Fenugreek seeds) :- 1 tsp
  • Mustard seeds:- 1 tsp
  • Tomato puree – 1 cup
  • turmeric powder
  • Red chili powder:- 1 tbsp
  • Green chili:- 3
  • Coriander leaves:- 2 tbsp
  • Lemon juice:- 2 tsp tea
  • Salt

Step Wise Masar Tenga Recipe

  • Take out the fish in a plate/cup.
  • Sprinkle a pinch of salt in it, then sprinkle turmeric in it. And mix it well.
  • Now we will mix and marinate for 15-20 minutes and keep aside.
  • Now heat a paan.
  • Add 1 cup mustard oil to it.
  • Now when the oil is hot, fry the fish pieces on medium flame till they become golden.
  • When one side is cooked for 3-4 minutes, then fry from the other side as well. While doing this the fish will become golden brown, then take them out in a plate.
  • Now fry fenugreek and mustard seeds in the same oil. When they are fried, then put tomato puri in the oil. And keep frying. Keep stirring for some 5 minutes.
  • When the oil separates completely, add one teaspoon turmeric, one tablespoon red chili powder and salt as per taste and mix everything. Fry good spices. Do this till the masala stops sticking to the pan.
  • Now add 1-1/2 cup hot water and mix it. When boils in water, then add grated coriander powder and chopped green chilies to the curry and mix.
  • Now add the grated ginger and fish and mix it well. Then boil it for 5-10 minutes.
  • Masoor Tenga is ready to serve.
  • Take it out in a bowl and put chopped coriander on top of the dal and serve.

To serve, place the Masoor Tenga in a bowl with  green chillies and halved limes in a plate and serve with steamed rice.

This  is our masoor tenga thali.

This is very easy and time saving recipe. Make it at home for sure. If you like to eat fish, then definitely try it.

3. Doi chira

Doi Chira is one of the most favorite breakfast of Assamese people. In this meal they include flatter rice/chura, curd and jaggery.

As we all know that in states like Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand this one of the most famous dish. Specially when on the day of Makar Sankranti we all eat these “dahi chura” in the auspicious breakfast.

If seen, doi chira is the same or rather it is exactly the same dish.

doi chira recipe in english

Wash the flattered rice with water and dry it, put curd in a plate, mix it with jaggery and eat it. Some people eat sliced ​​bananas with doi chira.

Let me tell you that this is one of the very popular dishes. Do eat it in your breakfast. In such a situation, jaggery, curd and chura are all healthy for our body. Including it in breakfast means having a healthy balanced breakfast.

Must try all the food recipes. This is a very easy, healthy and delicious dish that you can easily make at home. And all this is also healthy for our body.

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