Breakfast recipe 

Crispy pitha 

This is made with the wheat flour. 
onion, tomato pury, grated coconut are all mixed together and fillings is prepared.
green chilli :- For making a little spicy. 
mustard seeds:- It is added to the hot oil and then fried for the nice flavour to the steamed pitha. And then it is made crispy. 
curry leaves:- We all know that this leave has a very pure and a nice smell which brings a tempting smell to the food and taste. So it is also added with mustard seeds. 
Dried grated coconut :- We add fried grated coconut to it. It gives a sweet taste to the dish. It also makes the fillings more easier to spread properly in the chapati as it is dry and stick to the chapati. 

how to make crispy pitha? 

crispy pitha is one of the best breakfast recipe. While making this always remeber that first we need to make the dough and keep aside and then fillings is prepared. Dried grated coconut is added to it for a nice sweet taste. And then, a thin chapati is prepared. Fillings is added and again chapati is kept on it. This process continues till 4 chapati is done and kept one above the other by filling the mixtures in the middle. It is folded from both the sides. and again slowly rolled. 
Now keep this for steaming. After 15-20 minutes on a medium flame it will be ready. Take it out and keep it for cooling. At the last fry it in a pan. Cut in a small pieces and then serve. 
Prep Time15-20 mins
Cook Time30mins
Total Time1hour

CuisineHome made food

Servings4-5 Servings

ingredients :– 

  • wheat flour :- 2 cup 
  • onion :- 1 ( chopped) 
  • tomatoe pury :- 1/2 cup 
  • dried grated coconut:- 1 cup 
  • green chilli :- 1 
  • cumin seeds :- 1 table spoon 
  • fennal seeds:- 1/2 table spoon 
  • curry leaves :- 2-3 
  • mustard seeds :- 1 tea spoon 
  • salt  
  • refined oil 

step wise recipe 

  1.  In a bowl , prepare a dough.
  2. In a wheat flour , sprinkle salt , 1 table spoon of refined oil and mix properly. 
  3. The dough will be moist and add water as per requirement and make soft dough. 
  4. Cover the dough, keep it for 20-30 minutes. 
  5. Now, heat a pan. Put 1 table spoon of oil. When it gets hot, add cumin seeds and fennal seeds. 
  6. Then saute chopped onion. Add tomato pury and saute for a minute. 
  7. Add salt as per taste. 
  8. After 2-3 minutes mix grated coconut. 
  9. After 3-5 minutes it’s ready. 
  10. Switch off the flame and keep it aside. 
  11. After  5-10 minutes take out the dough. 
  12. Take a small ball of dough and roll it in a thin chapati shape. 
  13. Like this prepare a four thin chapati shape. 
  14. Take one part and spread one table spoon of mixture prepared and then keep second chapati on the top and again spread the mixture. 
  15. Keep the third chapati and add fillings to it and the last keep the fourth chapati on the top and spread fillings. 
  16. Now, fold from both the side and apply oil on the end side and paste it properly so that it is closed properly. 
  17. Turn it and smoothly roll it with the help of roller. 
  18. Do not roll it too much, we will roll it just to make it plain. 
  19. Boil the water. 
  20. Keep steaming utensils on the top. Keep it in the utensils and cover it.
  21.  Cook for about 15 minutes. 
  22. After that take out and let it get dry. Heat a pan. 
  23. Add oil. When it gets hot , add mustard seeds, chopped green chilli, curry leaves then keep the pitha on the pan. 
  24. Fry it from both the sides. For crispy pitha, make sure the flame to be at medium so that it could be fried properly. 
  25. After frying for about 5 minutes take out in a plate and cut in a small pieces and serve with chutney. 
  26. Like this prepare from all the dough. 
  27. The easy and delicious breakfast is ready.
  28.  Also, if we want , we can have this during our evening snack too. That’s upto us. 

Wheat flour 

wheat flour meaning in hindi is “गेहूं का आटा”.
We all know much about this, “गेहूं का आटा”  mostly we eat chapati of this. It is considered as the most healthy ingredient for our body. 
We make a lot of food on the daily basis like “aloo paratha”, “sattu Paratha”, “pyaj paratha”, “chilla”, etc. There is a lot of dishes we make with it. 

How wheat flour is prepared? 

First wheat is washed properly and kept under the sun. When it is dried, it is then put in the flour machine and then from wheat , wheat flour is prepared. And from that we make a dish. 


Pitha is a most famous “Bihari” dish. It is made with rice flour and filled with “chana daal”. It is steamed for about 20-25 minutes. Nowdays, not only in Bihar the people of Bihar in every states they make this dish. Everyone loves to eat. It is served with chutney which is spicy because it is full of green chilli , ginger and garlic. 
To make “Bihari Pitha” , first chana daal is soaked in water for about 4-5 hours. And then with garlic and green chilli it is grinded to make a thik paste. Salt, turmeric is mixed. The fillings is prepared. Then the water is boiled and then rice flour is mixed to it. And then dough is prepared. In Bihari language it is called ” charhana“. After this, a small ball of dough is taken, rolled in a shape of small puri and then fillings is added to it and then it is closed in a semi circular shape. At the last it is dipped in the boiling water and cooked for about half an hour. 
The pitha is ready. 

Nowdays, many of us eat this by frying in a oil with curry leaves and Mustard seeds. And also deep frying it. 
This is the new way of eating pitha. We also fry it with soya sauce, tomato sauce and chilli sauces. It becomes very delicious. 
We can call it Indian-chinese fusion dish.

Serving method 

While serving crispy pitha, 
Serve it with spicy green chilli chutney. Take 5-6 green chilli, 3-4 pieces of garlic, 1 tea spoon of oil and grind it for about 15-30 second  The chutney is prepared. 
If you are serving to kids, then serve with tomato ketchup and green chilli sauce. Also, we can do one thing, mix green chilli and tomato ketchup and then serve. Mixing these two sauces gives a very nice taste. 


  • Make sure the dough is soft. 
  • When the pitha is steamed, wait till it get dry. Other wise, when you put in a pan directly then it will stick to the pan. 

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