Instant pasta recipe 

Instant pasta which is a quick and delicious snack. 
Feeling lazy to cook and want something which can be cooked within a minute. You’re at the right place.
Whenever I am on my studies for hours-and- hours I feel like something to be cooked easily within a few minutes. 
So I found this, 
Instant pasta recipe, masala pasta, pasta recipe

Ingredients :- 

  • Pasta:- 1/2 bowl 
  • Onion:- 2 ( medium size) 
  • Capsicum:- 1 cup 
  • Tomatoes:- 1( medium size) 
  • Red chilli flakes:- 1 table spoon
  • Salt 
  • Orgeno :- 1 tea spoon 
  • Pasta sauce :- 1 table spoon
  • Oil:- 1 table spoon 
  • Garlic:- 3 piece

Step wise recipe:- 

  • Finely chop the veggies like onion, capsicum, tomato. 
  • Heat a pan. 
  • Add oil to it. And when it gets hot add all the veggies. 
  • Finely chopped garlic also add first. 
  • Saute for 1-2 minutes then sprinkle salt as per taste.
  •  Mix pasta sauce, red chilli flakes and organo seasoning. 
  • Then add pasta and water as per the requirement. 
  • Cover the pan and let it get cooked for a minute, atleast for 10 minute on a medium flame. 
  • It’s ready, if you want sprinkle some chopped coriander leaves to it. 
Also, very important if you want some thick texture and cheesy taste, when the pasta is half-cooked, add cheese over it and cover the lid again. And let it get cooked again for some minute till it full cooked. 
Now, enjoy your meal. 

How I discovered this pan pasta? 

When I take 15-20 minutes break from my work or studies I usually feel something to eat. So I thought why not to make pasta. But the time was lacking. Some few weeks ago I saw a video of maggie. In which everything was cooked together , so it stick to my mind and thought why not to try it on pasta. 

Look what I did on my first trial, 

First I have chopped all the ingredients. On a hot pan, add oil, saute veggies. Then sprinkled salt as per taste, red chilli flakes, orgeno. Mix properly. Add pasta sauce. Then add pasta to it and water as per the requirement. Cover the lid and keep on the medium flame. Let it get boiled. Within 15 minutes it will be ready. If you want some cheesy texture then add cheese and mix properly. It’s ready. 
This instant pan pasta is not only a snack but can also work as your one time meal. 
Instant pasta recipe, masala pasta, pasta recipe

How to make instant pasta? 

The only basic thing we need to remember is we have to cook everything together. Just add oil, saute veggies and then at last pasta and water. Cover the pan and let it get cooked. Sprinkle salt as per your taste, we can also add finely chopped carrot
It’s a quick, easy delicious meal which is cooked within a 15 minutes. 
What I have made is for evening snack, for 2 people. As it’s depend on the quantity you eat. I never use to make these snack for my meal. It’s only about snacks.
 If you’re thinking of making for a lunch or dinner make garlic bread also with this. Don’t think that it will take a lot of time. While your pasta is getting cooked, prepare garlic bread. Here is the homemade garlic bread recipe, check this out :- 

Garlic bread recipe

Also, at evening we can eat this too. That’s all upto you. 
The quantity of ingredients you can increase and decrease as per your requirement and the number of people. Some of you doesn’t like veggies too much so apply according to it. 
Let me tell you one more unique 

instant white sauce pasta. 

Yes, you heard it right, we can make white sauce pasta in just few minutes. First add butter, white flour and mix well. Add cheese and milk , mix properly. Then add chopped veggies , salt as per taste, red chilli flakes and orgeno seasoning and mix. Then add pasta and water. Amount of water will be 1 -2 cup in which pasta is dipped but not too much. This is as per the above quantity of ingredients. Now cover the pan and let it get cooked till above mentioned minute. It’s all then ready. Enjoy your instant white sauce pasta
For more detailed recipe click on the link. 
Instant pasta recipe, white sauce pasta recipe, masala pasta, pasta recipe

There is one more amazing recipes i.e. White sauce bread that you must try this out at home. This is all homemade recipe in a restaurant style. 
This is a comfy meal you can cook easily at home. Why to wait for a order. If you have a break, try your hand on this and make your own day more enjoyable. 
Work from home can be more interesting and easy if you make a nice routine. Taking a break of 15 minutes from regular 2 hours of work. 
If you get a delicious and healthy snack during the break time or middle of work time which will make you energetic then this is more enjoyable. So here you can find so many amazing , healthy, delicious recipes. You must try out. 

Also, don’t forget to mention about the recipes you want to know.

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