Gulab jamun recipe 

Only three ingredients required for gulab jamun i.e.  rice, milk and sugar. Now make delicious gulab jamun just in a few minutes. 
We have often seen gulab jamun recipe with khoya, gulab jamun recipe with milk powder, gulab jamun recipe with condensed milk, gulab jamun recipe with suji. 
Have you ever thought of making gulab jamun with rice?  Yes, you heard it right. We think that how it’s possible? “Nothing is impossible”. With keeping this in mind, I have tried and guess what! just with three ingredients the soft, delicious dessert is ready. The exact taste we find it in our favourite sweet-shops and restaurants. Many of us think, to make at home but due to the unavailability of some of the ingredients they are unable to make. So this time you are not going to be saved from any excuse because the homemade recipe I’m going to share with you will be unique but the ingredients to be used in this is what we use daily. So, let’s have an eye on our delicious homemade dessert recipe. 

Ingredients :- 

  • Rice :- 4 table spoon 
  • Milk :- 500 ml 
  • Sugar:- 1and1/2 cup
  • Water:- 3/4th cup 
  • Cardmom powder :- 1 tea spoon 
  • Kesar 

Gulab jamun bnane ki vidhi 

  • In a cup, keep the rice soaked in a water for 1-2 hour. 
  • Then keep the milk on a medium flame for boiling. 
  • Wash the rice properly and keep it aside. 
  • When the milk starts boiling, mix the rice. 
  • Keep the flame between medium to low. 
  • Do not leave the pan. Always stir from all the sides. If you don’t do this then it will stick to the pan.
  • Add some sugar, around 1/2 cup or less. 
  • Mix gently. 
  • Stir and stir till it becomes thick. 
  • You will see after few minutes it starts becoming thick. 
  • We have to make gulab jamun so we need to make thick paste so it will take more time. 
  • The time takes while cooking kheer and process, the same is here too just double is the process. 
  • When it becomes thick, mix fast other wise it will stick to the pan and it will be difficult to mix. 
  • Now the thick paste is ready, switch off flame and again mix nicely and spread all over the pan. 
  • Let it get cool. 
  • Now take the paste and grind it. 
  • Place it in a plate. 
  • If you feel it’s sticky then add 2-3 table spoon of white flour. Do not mix too much other wise it will become hard. 
  • Mix properly. And the dough is ready. 
  • Heat a pan. Add oil required for frying. 
  • Apply ghee on your palm and take a small portion of a dough, make a small ball or cylindrical shape as your own choice. 
  • The oil is hot. Keep the flame at medium to low. 
  • Now fry it. Do not stir the balls just stir oil so that balls wouldn’t stick. 
  • Fry till golden brown color appears. 
  • After that, take out from the oil and soak it in a sugar syrup. 
  • Keep it for 2-3 hours. The gulab jamun will soak the syrup and it will become sweet. 
  • Like this we will fry all the balls and dip in the syrup. 
  • If you want hot gulab jamun, you can also cook the soaked balls and syrup on the low flame for 2-3 minutes and then keep it aside for 2-3 hours for further use. 
  • The soft dessert is ready. Enjoy. 
Gulab jamun recipe

Gulab jamun recipe

How to make a sugar syrup? 

In a pan add sugar. Add water and keep the flame at medium to low. Let it get boiled. If you have cardmom powder then sprinkle 1/2 tea spoon to the syrup and 1-2 piece of kesar. Now you will notice a nice colour in the syrup. Wait for a minute and check if the syrup is sticky. If it is so then it’s ready and keep it aside. The best time prepare this during the whole process is when you keep the gulab jamun paste to cool down. At that time prepare the sugar syrup. 
Why I have used grinder or why I have grind the paste? 
In this making of homemade gulab jamun recipe, I have shared you a recipe made with the rice. So, it is required to grind it so that there is smooth paste. If we will not do so then while eating you it will not taste good. The best ingredient is small broken rice or a small pieces of rice. If you have this then you can escape the grind process because it will be mixed nicely and there will be no use of grinding.

What are the ingredients of gulab jamun? 

Milk:- We can use both non-boiled as well as boiled milk. If we have full fat milk then it’s best. But it’s not too necessary. Whatever is available it’s fine. 
Rice:- I would suggest you to use small broken rice. Soaked in water for 1-2 hours and then washed properly. 
Sugar:- Use sugar as per your wish. You are making at home so you easily keep the sweetness as per your choice. 
Cardmom powder:- We mix in the syrup for the nice smell to the dish. 
Kesar:- We mainly use it in sweets and biryani. As we know it gives a nice colour to food and sweet dishes. 

How to make gulab jamun soft? 

To make gulab jamun soft, do not use too much of white flour in the thick paste otherwise, it will become hard. We use this only for binding the dough. We can also use milk powder also for binding but not too much. If you’re making gulab jamun with maida, gulab jamun with condensed milk then you need to kneat the dough very nicely. 

What is gulab jamun? 

Gulab jamun is a sweet/dessert. It is mainly golden brown in colour. India’s most oldest and famous sweet all over the India. It is eaten hot and cold. During any occasion we can find this. It is oldest sweet we find in the sweet-shops. Everywhere we can find this. Specially, in Northern side of India gulab jamun is most purchased sweet. It is made of white flour, suji, khoya etc. Making with white flour is the first oldest way. Nowdays, there are  variety of ways to make this. People love to eat. Specially, hot gulab jamun is most favourite and popular among people. Nowdays, hot gulab jamun with ice cream is one of the most popular dessert among people. 
Gulab jamun recipe

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