14 Major beetroot benefits

1. Increases the health of liver. The beetroot has properties like antioxidants, antiinflammatory and anti-detoxification which helps in cleaning the problem of liver. It also helps in proper work of the liver. It It prevents fatty acids from accumulating in the liver and improves liver health. 

2. It prevents the growth of cancer cells in the body. Beetroot contains a substance called betain, which prevents skin, breast cancer from occurring. By drinking beetroot and carrot juice, it also prevents leukemia, which is a type of blood cancer. 

3. It prevents from constipation. Beetroot contains high amounts of dietary fiber, which stimulates the nerves of the intestine and improves digestion. This dietary fiber does not make you constipated.

4. It prevents mentsrual pain. Beetroot balances the hormones, due to which you fell less pain during menstruation cycle. 

5. This vegetable is full of iron. It fulfills iron deficiency. And at the same time removes chivalry and fatigue. 

6. In beetroot, vitamin B9 is found which maintains the menstrual cycle.

7. Beetroot increases muscle strength as well as increases stamina. This provides iron, blood flow rich magnesium, nitrates. It makes the muscle strong. The nitrate found in it is converted into nitric acid in the body, which increases your strength greatly. When you exercise, it gives you strength. Drinking beetroot juice strengthens the muscles and also increases the ability to exercise. 

8. Beetroot lowers your body’s glucose level and increases insulin sensitivity. An antioxidant called alpha lipoy found in beetroot helps in reducing your glucose level. Therefore, it is very beneficial for the diabetic patient. 

9. It enhances your respiratory health, that is, protects you from respiratory diseases. Beetroot contains a lot of vitamin C, due to which the ability of the body’s immune power increases. Vitamin C helps white blood cells function properly. And we get strength to fight diseases. 

10. Drinking beetroot juice helps a lot in reducing blood pressure. The nitrate contained in beetroot relaxes the blood vessels of the body, increases the blood flow of the body and helps in lowering blood pressure. Therefore, those who are suffering from blood pressure should eat beetroot. 

11. Eating beetroot keeps your mood fine and mental health is also good. The amino acid found in beetroot keeps our muscles relaxed and our mood also remains good. It acts as an anti-depressant for our body. Depression is the cause of many diseases and therefore when we keep depression away, we also get away from many diseases. 

12. Beetroot gives us positivity and good health. Beetroot is like a medicine for the skin. Beetroot contains folate which is a type of B vitamin and is very good for the health of our skin. In addition, it contains vitamin C, which reduces stains, nail acne and there comes a glow and natural glow on the face. 

13. Beetroot relaxes blood vessels. Beetroot contains a substance called nitrate, which converts into nitric oxide in our body, which helps in relaxing the blood vessels in our body and also increases blood flow. 

14. Beetroot increases the blood of our body and also increases energy. Beetroot is considered as the best home remedies in the growth of the hair. 

What is beetroot? 

Beetroot is a vegetable which is mainly eaten raw. It is dark reddish colour inside and a black outer cover. It is so because it is a root vegetable i.e. the vegetables grows underground. It is hard, deep color and a crunch while cutting or eating. The natural colour which changes the colour of the dish too. It is added to so many varieties of food to change the colour. In back days, it was also added to wine. 

Beetroot in hindi is called “चुकुंदर”.

 It is a plant based. The seed is spread all over the soil. This is the first process of the how to grow beetroot. After 24 days, the plant/ leaf coming out. After few months the pant leaves increase and the beetroot grows. You can also do gardening of this vegetable. It’s easy to grow in a small flower pot or a big. If you want you keep it on the terrace too. A small vegetable gardening at home is very easy. We can plan this with so many root based and plant based vegetable gardening. 
Beetroot in hindi, beetroot benefits

Beetroot is considered as best home remedies in hair growth, skin health. There is a lot of things like beetroot balm, beetroot facial , dye etc. 
We also use in daily simple food like salad, sandwich, juice, soup. It is added even to the junk food too like veg chowmein for garnishing. 
Fir Beetroot juice recipe, first peel off caroot and beetroot. Finely chop them. Then add them to the jar. Mix lemon juice and then add water as per the requirement. Grind it, the juice is ready. Serve in a glass and mix black salt as per taste. The healthy juice, which you must drink. It has many benefits. 
Ingredients :- 
  • Beetroot :- 1 
  • Carrot:- 2 ( medium size) 
  • Lemon:- 1/2 
  • Black ssalt
From the remains pulp we can make lip scrub by adding sugar to it. Yes, your beetroot lip scrub is ready. 
Beetroot in hindi, beetroot benefits, beetroot juice

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