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Banana recipes 

 1. Banana cake recipe 

Banana recipe, banana bread recipe , banana cake recipe

Ingredients :- 

  • Banana:- 4 
  • White flour :- 1 cup 
  • Refined Oil:- 1/2 cup 
  • Baking soda:- 1/2 tea spoon 
  • Baking powder :- 1/2 tea spoon 
  • Sugar:- 1 cup 
  • Milk:- 1 cup 
  • Cinnamon powder:- 1/2 tea spoon 
  • Walnuts:- 1-2 table spoon ( chopped) 
  • Raisins:- 1-2 table spoon 

How to make make banana bread ?

Banana cake is also known as banana bread. Above ingredients are required to bake this. We need to first grind the bananas , sugar, oil and milk together to form a paste. Then in a bowl, pour the paste and seive the white flour, baking powder, baking soda and cinnamon powder. Mix together everything and then add chopped walnuts and raisins to it. Grease a mould , add butter paper and again grease it. Pour the batter. Preheat the pan for 5-7 minute on low flame, then keep a stand. Take the mould and keep on the stand and cover the pan. Let it get baked for about 45 minutes and then it’s ready. This is a banana cake recipe. 

Step wise recipe :- 

  • Peel off the bananas. Slice it and add in a jar. 
  • Add sugar, oil, and milk in a jar. 
  • Grind it in a thin liquid paste. 
  • Pour it in a bowl. 
  • Now, with the help of seive mix white flour, baking powder , baking soda, cinnamon powder. 
  • Mix with the spatula and at the last add chopped walnuts and 1 table spoon of raisins and mix it. 
  • Grease the mould with oil. Pour the batter to it. Tap and make the upper part smooth. 
  • Sprinkle some raisins on the top. 
  • Heat a cooking pan. Keep the flame at low. 
  • After 5-7 minutes keep the utensils stand inside it. 
  • Keep the mould and cover the pan. 
  • Let it be inside for 45 minutes.
  • Now , check out with toothpick. 
  • Take a toothpick and dip in the middle and take out. If it’s clean then the banana cake is ready. 
  • Take out, let it get cool. 
  • Cut in a pieces and serve. 
It’s best for tea time. 

Serving method :- 

  • Cut a pieces of banana bread. Place it  in a plate. Add some chocolate syrup and on top add ice cream. The best way to serve this. If you are a dessert lover you must try this out at home.
  • The second best way of serving is to serve some chocolate shake , cold coffee, cigar roll with this.  
  • If you don’t have these things it’s okay. Make some coffee for yourself and drink and eat. The best combination. 
Banana bread recipe, banana cake recipe, eggless banana cake

Suggestions :- 

  1. This is prepared for 4 people. If you want you can increase the amount as per your need. 
  2. Do not check the batter once it is inside the pan before 40-45 minutes. Otherwise, the bnana cake won’t be fluffy. 
  3. When you take out from the pan, let it get cooled and do not keep in the fridge for cooling down fastly. 
  4. Let it get cooled in room temperature. 
  5. If you have butter paper at your home then use it otherwise it can be made without it also. 

2. Banana balls/ fritters 

Banana balls , banana recipe, kids dessert banana balls recipe

How to make banana balls? 

Banana balls is a sweet homemade fried dessert. It’s mainly known as “kid’s dessert recipe”. A tea time food made of banana, wheat flour, brown sugar , coconut. We can also call it healthy recipe. 

Ingredients :- 

  • Banana :- 3 
  • Wheat flour :- 1 cup 
  • Coconut powder :- 1/2 cup
  • Brown sugar :- 1/2 cup
  • Oil :- 1 table spoon 
  • Salt:- 1/2 tea spoon 

Step wise recipe:- 

  • In a bowl peel off the bananas and mash it. 
  • Mix brown sugar, wheat flour . 
  • Add salt, oil, dry grated coconut powder and 1/4th cup of water. Mix properly. 
  • Heat a pan , add oil as per the requirement, for frying. 
  • Now make a small balls and when the oil gets hot , deep fry it till it becomes golden brown. 
  • Serve hot. 
Banana balls , kids dessert banana balls recipe

Serving method :- 

  1. Keep the balls in a plate and serve hot. 
  2. It tastes delicious when it is hot. 

Suggestion :- 

  1. Do not make the batter thin other wise it will be difficult to fry a small balls. 
  2. Let the batter be thick. 

3. Banana chips 

Banana chips recipe , banana recipe

How to make banana chips? 

A homemade banana chips recipe is the most easiest way. It needs only 2 ingredients i.e. green banana and oil. Banana is slicely chopped and then deep fried till it gets golden to it. That’s it. It’s ready. If we want we can add salt, peri peri to it for little taste to it. 

Ingredients :- 

  • Banana:- 3 ( green) 
  • Oil 

Step wise recipe:- 

  • Peel off the green banana. 
  • Heat a pan and oil. 
  • Use the banana cutter for a fine chips. The same we use for potates chips. 
  • Fry till it gets golden colour. 
  • If you want little salty taste then sprinkle some chat masala or black salt.
  • It’s ready. 
  • Serve it ar keep in a air tight box for further use. 

Serving method :- 

  1. It’s a snack which we can have during tea time. 
  2. We can also serve when there is any guest at our home. 
  3. It’s a quick snack recipe, so whenever we have a green banana at our home we can quickly make this less than 15 minutes.

Suggestion :- 

  1. While making banana chips remember to have a cutter so that a thin layer of  chips you can get. 
  2. This banana chips recipe is about only about 3 green bananas, you can also increase the number of this and make in a huge amount if you have air tight box to store. Other wise it will get moisture and you will not find it crispy.

What are the more ingredients that we can add in an eggless banana cake recipe? 

In simple banana cake recipe we can add a lot of ingredients. Like if we want we can make chocolate banana cake then add with Coco powder to it. Also, some of the grated dry fruits like cashew nuts, almonds. To make light and fluffy , must use baking powder and baking soda. We can add vanilla essence , if available. 

How long does banana chips lasts? 

Indian banana chips is a crispy , little salty snack. When it is packed and kept in a air tight then around 20 days it can be eaten. Also, we can keep it for more days but not more than one month. 

             ” Pan cake ” 

Ham logo ko cakes , pastries ye sab kafi pasand ata hai. Jab v ham kahi bahar jate hai ya outings friends ke sath ya family sath to desert me kuch mitha to hota he hai. 

Ghar par jab hai to akhir ya to kuch sweets aati hai ya fir kuch v mitha ghar par ban jata hai. Ye sab to kafi ache hai khane me magar ab man ho cake khane ka to pehla sawal ki itne sare ingredients usme lagte hai. Upar se time ni hai ya fir bad me banaya jyega karke wo option he side hojata hai. 

Ab ghar par pare hai kuch fruits jaise banana, mangoes ab daily aise khane me bacche bore ho jate hai ya fir unhe pasand ni hota. To best option hai ki cakes banye. 

Bachoo ko cakes bhut pasand hote hai. Unhe bina btaye ye cake ya pancakes banaye ar unka favourite chocolates ko melt karke ya saja kar uske sath serve kare. Fir dekhiye bache kitni aasani se kha jate h sara. 

Cake liye to bhut time lg jyega. Ab uske jagah pancakes he ku na bnaya jaye. To fir yha par hai pancake recipes jo apke bhut kam ane wala hai. Ek to aap ise wheat flour se banye ar sath he isme dry fruits sab v add kare. Ek to healthy upar se delicious v ban gya. To hogya na ” ek teer se do nisan”. 

Isko bnana asan hai jyada hard nai hai bs dhyan rakhna hai ki pancake batter ka consistency same rahega jaise ham koi v pakode ke liye ya pua banate hai to rakhte hai. Na jyada gadha ar na he jyada patla. Aisa dhyan me rahe to pancake asan hai fir banana. 

 ” Serving idea of pancakes” 

Ab jaise ki ham banana pancakes ready kiye to serve karna hai to banana ke tukado ko cut kare ar upar me ar side me rakhe ar fir honey add kare. Ye jyada tasty ar look wise v acha dikhta hai. 

Dusra hai mango pancake. To usme v same ham mango ke pieces cut karke saja denge aur agar blue berries hai ya fir strawberry to usko v cut karke saja de. Isme ham do chiz apply kar sakte hai jaise ki chocolate syrup and honey. Also with some ice cream. 

Last hai chocolate pancake to isme aap chahe to dark chocolate ya fir normal syrup use kare ar sajaye. Dark chocolate ke kuch bites v isme add kare taki sundar aur attractive dikhe. Sath me chahe to chocolate ice cream sath serve kariye. 

                  “Pancake recipe”

To chaliye aj mai apko btati hoon kuch anokhe ar asan se pancake recipes. 

Four different pancake recipes jo apko ghar par jarur try karna chahiye.


1. Banana pan cake 

Ingredients required:-

  • Banana:- 1 -2 
  • White flour/ wheat flour:- 3/4 bowl
  • Baking powder 
  • Baking soda
  • Milk
  • Sugar 
Steps to make banana pancakes:- 
  • In a bowl 
  • Ek bowl me white flour aur wheat flour dale. 
  • Ab usme sugar powder aur baking powder 1/2 tea spoon dale. 
  • Ab usme thora sa baking powder v dal de. 
  • Banana ko ek empty bowl me mash kare aur fir thora sa milk dalkar mix kare. 
  • Ab iss bowl me flour wala batter ko dale ar mix kare. Jarurt parne par  milk ka use kare. 
  • Batter ko achese mix karke 5-10 minute tak dhak kar side me rakh de. 
  • Ab pan/ tawa ko medium flame par rakh kar halka garam hone denge.
  • Ab halka garam hote he butter ya oil dalenge. 
  • One table spoon batter tawa achese dal denge. 
  • 5 minute bad jab niche ka portion golden brown hojyega to palat kar dusre side ko v golden brown hone tak rakhenge. 
  • Cake ke size ko aap apne hisab se chota bada rakh sakte hai. 
  • Ar batter me mitha v aap apne hisab se dalnge. 
  • Aise he sara pan cake bana lenge. 
  • Ar fir serve karenge  chocolate syrup add karke. 
Bacho ko khas kar ye bhut pasand ayega isly aap ise chocolate sauce ar Coco powder v sprinkle kar sakte hai. 
Agar ye sab na ho to chocolate ko melt karke upar me thora sa horizontally dal kar serve karke. 

2. Mango pancake recipe

Next hamara recipe pan cake hai mango pancake recipe. 

Yes, hmlog ne mango juice ya mango shake , ice cream ye sab to bhut he khaya hai. Also, mango cake v pasand kiya jata hai. But agar man ho ki ku na pan cake banaya jaye. So, let’s start making it from now onwards. Kuki iss pancake recipe ke bad se apke liye bhut he easy hojyega mango pancake banana. 

Specially, is time par jab mango season ho to we get bored of eating mangoes daily. So thora changes late hai aur isko pan cake me change karte hai. 

Ingredients required:- 
  • Mango:- 3 medium size
  • Wheat flour:- 3/4th of the bowl
  • Baking powder 
  • Baking soda
  • Milk 
  • Sugar 
Steps to make mango pancake:- 
          ‘Batter tyar karne ke tarike’
  • Ek empty bowl me mangoes ko mash kare. 
  • Ab usme thora sa milk dalkar acha sa paste banye ar side rakhe. 
  • Ab ek wheat flour ko bowl me le.
  • Usme 1 tea spoon baking powder dale aur 1/2 tea spoon baking soda dale. 
  • Ab usme 3 table spoon sugar add kare.
  • Achese sabko mix kare.
  • Ab jo liquid batter hai usme ye sare dry batter ko dale ar mix karte jaye. 
  • Agar batter me jarurt parne par extra milk add kare. Ar acha sa batter ready karle. 
  • Batter ready hone ke bad dhak kar 5-10 minute ke liye rakh de.
            ‘ making of pancakes’ 
  • Ab same process pehle wale ke jaisa follow karenge. 
  • Pan/tawa ko halka garam karnge medium se hlka kam flame rakhenge.
  • Ab isme ham butter ya oil dalkar ek ek karke ek spoon batter ko dalenge aur golden brown hone tak rakhenge. 
  • Fir dusre side ko v golden brown hone denge.
  • Aise he ham batter se sare pancakes ready karenge.
  • Lijiye mango pancake v ready hai.
Ise serve karne ke liye same chocolate ka use karenge ya fir honey pasand hai to honey v use kare. 


3. Chocolate pancake recipe 

Hamara third recipe hai chocolate pancake recipe. Isko banana bhut he asan hai. Isme bas white flour, Coco powder sab mix karke fir bana dena hai. Pehle do recipe ki tarah isme mash ya kuch v ni karna hai. To ye thora easy hai. To chaliye dekhte hai Chocolate pancake recipe. 

Ingredients required:- 
  • Coco powder:- 5 table spoon
  • White flour :- 4 table spoon 
  • Baking soda
  • Baking powder
  • Milk
  • Sugar 
Steps to make the chocolate pancake.
       ‘ making of batter’ 
  • Ek bowl me Coco powder aur white flour dalnge. 
  • Ap chahe to wheat flour v use karskte hai.
  • Ab usme baking soda aur baking powder dalnge.
  • Achese miz karnge.
  • Ab isme sugar powder dal kar mix karenge. 
  • Ab isme milk dalkar achese batter ko mix karnge. 
  • The batter is ready. 
        ‘ making of pancakes’
  • Ek pan/ tawa ko garam karenge. Flame ko medium se halka kam rakhenge.
  • Ab butter dalnge. 
  • Fir ek spoon batter dalkar golden brown hone tak rakhenge.
  • Next fir turn karke same golden brown hone tak wait karenge.
  • Aise sare pancakes ham ready kar lenge.
  • Ek plate me sabko rakh lenge ar fir chocolate syrup apply karne ke bad serve karenge. Ar sath he hlka sa honey v add kar denge. 

Ye raha choclate pan cake recipe. Bacho ko bhut he pasand ane wala hai ye akhir Chocolate jo hai. Acha, ham log Coco powder ke jagah biscuits v use kar sakte hai. Kuki possible ni hota har time Coco powder available ho ghar par , magar haa bacho ki man pasand biscuits to hoti he har ghar par jaise ki Oreo biscuit, cookies, chocolate cream biscuit etc. To hmlog usse v same pan cake ya fir normal cake v bana sakte hai.

Bs Coco powder ke jagah hame biscuits ke powder ko add karna hai aur fir same process follow karenge. 

Ek ar baat, 
Jaruri ni ki white flour ya wheat flour ka jarurt ho biscuit pan cake me. Ham white koi flour ke v pan cake bana sakte hai. 

Chaliye dekhte hai sare steps biscuit pancake recipe ke. 

4. Biscuits pancake recipe

Ingredients required:- 
  • Oreo biscuit:- 3 packet
  • Milk
  • Powder sugar
  • Baking powder
  • Baking soda 

Steps to make the biscuit pan cake.

          ‘ making of batter’ 
  • Oreo biscuits ke white wale cream part ko alag karde. 
  • Ab sare biscuits ko grind kar le.
  • Milk me white portion of biscuit ko mix kare. 
  • Ab ek bowl me biscuit powder ko dale ar fir usme baking soda aur baking powder add kare. 
  • Sugar dal kar achese sabko mix karle.
  • Ab isme milk ko add karte hue mix kare ar batter tyar kare. 
  • Ise dhak kar rakhe same time jo pehle bataya gya hai 10-15 minute. 
  • Batter ready hai.

  ‘ making of biscuit pancakes’

  • Pan/ tawa ko hlka garam kare ar medium se halka kam flame rakhenge. 
  • Ab butter dalkar ek spoon batter dale. 
  • Same thora golden brown ya fir 5 minute wait kare ar fir palat de. 
  • Dusra side v brown hone de. 
  •  Aise he sare batter se pan cake ready karle. 
  • Ab ek plate me sare pan cake ko rakhe aur fir chocolate syrup lagaye aur kuch grinded biscuits ko sprinkle kare. 
  • Lijiye apka biscuit pancake v ready hai. 
Ap apne pasand ka koi v biscuits se pan cake bana sakte hai aur enjoy kare.

Ye the sare amazing pancake recipe jo breakfast ke sath sath evening snack me v kam ayega. Bache aksar mid day time me kuch khane ko mangte hai. To bs batter ready rakhe aur fir turnt bana kar serve kare. 

Jab v banaye to alag ingredients ke sath. Kavi Chocolate ka bnaya to kavi fruits se banaya. Isse bacche v khush aur healthy chiz v body me chala gaya. 
Aap Jan chahe white flour ki jagah wheat flour ka use kare. Sugar ke jagah khajur, honey ye sab use kare. Dry fruits hai to wo v add kare. Bs aise he healthy pancake recipe ready hogya hai. 

Last reminder, vinegar add kare. Ni hai to avoid kare because it’s not at all necessary.