“Rice Balls” is an Indian cuisine. It is soft crunchy snack time dish. Mostly this is prefer during the evening time. 

It is salty-spicy in taste. This is stuffed with coocked rice, some veggies and spices due to which it forms a softness inside the balls. For the crunchiness outside, white flour, rice flour and besan is used. 

Most of the time, during the lunch hour is happen that the coocked rice is left and we think of throwing it. But some of us just give to the animals that’s the good habbit but what if we have no other options than throwing the rice. Let me tell you, we have special and best option rather than throwing. We have ‘rice balls’. 

When I thought of recipe for this it was really confusing that if I do and it will create a mess then. Twice I have gone to my kitchen and returned back thinking of it will be a big mess. It was evening time and I was really hungry so I decided and took a challenge and started to make. And guess what I was really happy with the result. Unfortunately, it started raining and yes, a fried balls dish during rainy time. It changed the whole mood. Ofcourse, having snacks like this during rainy time is amazing. 

So, here is the recipe of the rice balls.

Ingredients required:-

  • RICE:- cooked(1bowl)
  • ONION:- 1
  • CARROT:- 1
  • CAPSICUM:- 1
  • TURMERIC:- 1/3 tea spoon
  • CHAT MASALA:- (optional)
  • WHITE FLOUR:- 1tbs
  • RICE FLOUR:- 1tbs
  • BESAN:- 1tbs

Steps :- 

  1. Mash the cooked rice properly. 
  2. Chop the onion, capsicum, carrot, green chilli and coriander leaves.
  3. Mix the chopped ingredients with mashed rice.
  4. Add turmeric, salt as per taste and coriander leaves. Again mix it well. Make a fine dough.
  5. Take a pan, let it get hot. Add oil as per your requirement so that the balls can be fried nicely.
  6. Now take another bowl, add white flour, rice flour and besan. Add water in it.
  7. Now mix it well and make a thick paste. Remember there should be no lumps and then add salt a pinch.
  8. Now make the small- small balls of the dough and dip in the paste. 
  9. Add the balls in the pan. Fry till it becomes golden brown.
  10. Fry it in a low flame. After 15 minutes it is ready for 2-3 people.

Serve this hot crunchy snack with chutney or tomato sauce and also sprinkle some chat masala above the balls. Enjoy this snack during the evening. 

Try this out and share with you close ones.