Garlic bread recipe


Garlic bread recipe

Cheesy garlic bread is a cheesy , salty Italian dish. We all se at restaurants and also eaten.

When I saw it first time, the very first thing came in my mind is what is this? Does these type of bread are available in the market and how it is cheesy? There were a lot of questions running out in my mind. When I saw a video regarding this, I got to know a few interesting things i.e. is made in a oven, and ingredients used in it is cheese, garlic and a lot of butter. 

Garlic bread recipe, cheesy garlic bread
Garlic bread recipe

There are several recipes of garlic bread what I found in Simply recipes that we can easily make at home. So let’s see the ingredients which we can find easily at our home and step wise recipe so that it would be easy for you to make at home. 

Bread/bun :- Sliced cut in the shape for making garlic bread. You can take any of these and also we can keep the size of the bread as per our choice. If you are planning to make restaurant style then use bun or small breads , it will become easy for you to make a restaurant style. As it is small in shape. 

Take a bun, cut the edge of the bun. Then start cutting the bun, keep the thickness as per you need. You will a nice restaurant style garlic bread shape is in front of you. Now start making it. 

Garlic and butter :- finely chopped garlic is mixed with butter. It gives a very tempting and delicious taste. As we know raw  Garlic   is beneficial for us. Make sure the butter is not melted in a liquid. It should be soft enough so that garlic would mix properly. 

Coriander leaves :- As we all know, we use this in most of the dishes. It gives a very nice taste to the food. Mainly, in restaurants you will find that they we use parsley as it has very little taste and mainly used in Italian seasoning. But, when we are making at home coriander leaves is the best option. It is best to replace parsley with coriander leaves. 

Cheddar cheese and mozeralla cheese:- These both are used to make a cheesy garlic bread. Also, cheese pull we love to see and eat. So , the combination of both the cheese will give you a very attractive and delicious taste to our food. There is a lot of dishes we make through cheese like PizzaLasagna ,  Cheese balls , etc. 

Red chilli flakes:- It is used as seasoning to the dish. 

Garlic bread recipe, cheesy garlic bread
Garlic bread recipe

When I ate first time in the restaurant , that very instance I decided to try at home. I thought if we can make cake without oven then why not this. So the very first thing I noticed that to melt the cheese without burning the bread we need to switch the flame to low. As we do in cooking Indian food , while cooking masalas. So I did the same and yes, I can have my favourite cheesy garlic bread without oven.  

 Ingredients :- 

  • Bread :- 4-5 slice 
  • Garlic:- 10 
  • Butter :- 1 cup 
  • Coriander leaves:- 1/2 cup 
  • Cheddar cheese :- 1/2 cup 
  • Mozeralla cheese:- 1/2 cup
  • Red chilli flakes:- 1-2 table spoon

Step wise recipe 

  1. For making garlic bread, first finely chop the garlic. 
  2. Take a bowl , mix 3-4 table spoon of butter and garlic. 
  3. Mix finely chopped coriander leaves. 
  4. Take a bread slice or a bun. And then cut in a small pieces. 
  5. Apply the garlic paste on the upper part of bread. We have to apply only one side so do not leave any area, cover properly. 
  6. In a cup , mix cheddar cheese and mozeralla cheese. Spread on the top. 
  7. In a pan , keep the bread slice properly. 
  8. We have to make little crust in the back side of the bread so we will keep on the pan and then we will switch on the flame. 
  9. Cover the pan and keep the flame at low. Spread some red chilli flakes on the top of the bread. 
  10. After 4-5 minutes we can see the cheese is melted. Take out and keep in the plate. 
  11. Now you can enjoy homemade garlic bread with your favorite white sauce pasta, red sauce pasta. 
It’s a homemade garlic bread recipe which I have made at home. It is the most easiest Italian dish which you can easily make it. While making pasta or maggie you can easily make this also at home. And it is the best combination to eat. 
If you are seeing what to eat with this then check out this:- 

How long to cook garlic bread ?

To cook garlic bread it takes minimum 3-4 minutes on a pan if we are adding cheese to it. Otherwise, it will be cooked easily less than 4 minutes. It is cooked on a low flame because cheese on the top take a time to get melt. If we keep on the high flame, then the bread can get burn and the cheese will not get melt so it is cooked on a low flame due to which it takes 3-4 minutes. Sometimes, it can take 5 minutes to cook. 
Homemade garlic bread recipe , Garlic bread recipe, cheesy garlic bread
Garlic bread recipe

We can also make garlic bread pizza. The process will be the same and the same ingredients. The only thing we need to add is onion and Capsicum . If you want you can also add boiled corn for the best taste. 
There are so many bread recipes you can find here. So check out the recipes and must try at home . Some of them are :- Cheese toast recipe , Paneer pizza . 
Homemade garlic bread recipe, pizza recipe, cheesy garlic bread recipe
Garlic bread recipe

Homemade garlic bread recipe, pizza recipe, cheesy garlic bread recipe
Garlic bread recipe