Indian cuisin



Snacks are the most important, famous or in the demand of the people all over world. During evening time or being outside in a group we first order or our choice is to eat snacks. If we are travelling some where we take some dry snacks. We always pack some food to eat before the long journey starts and always we keep in our mind that the food should be dry and long lasting. We always come across some outside food like chips packet, biscuits etc. Nowadays we have the facilities to order food during the journey by plane or train. But what about when we travel through our own vehicle. We have to pack some food to eat. And also it is believed that homemade food is the best one to carry during the travel. We mostly carry “Nimki, Dry fruits, biscuits and also some packet of chips”. But there are some of the snacks which is easy to carry and will be very helpful during the journey. They are’ Dhokla, crunchy bread slice pakoda’. If you are in a one day journey you can pack this with your journey. It is really helpful because when you are hungry you don’t have to search for food, you can eat this which will make your stomach full and refreshing. Also it is easy to carry. 

Also we can have this during our evening snacks. ‘Bread slice pakoda’ is the easy crunchy snack to eat with chutney or tea “Chai”. Not only older people loves to eat but also kids enjoy while eating. This homemade snack is an easy recipe that everyone can make in a 15-20 minutes. And the whole family can seat together and enjoy the evening time. 

Family together the world is together. So let’s have a look on the recipe.
“Crunchy bread slice pakoda”

It is a crunchy-soft and salty flavour snack food. It is an Indian cuisin. This is the snack which can be eaten during the evening time also it can be easily carried during travelling. It is spicy, salty in taste. 

Cook time:- 15-20minutes
Total time:- 25 minutes
Serve:- 3-4 people

Ingredients Required:- 
  • Rice flour:- 1 bowl 
  • Bread:- 8-10 slice
  • Onion:- 1
  • Green chilli, Ginger-garlic paste:- 1tbs
  • Turmeric
  • Salt
  • Oil
  • Water

Steps to make the batter.

  • Take a bowl. Add rice flour in it.
  • Add chopped onion and green chilli, ginger garlic paste. 
  • Add turmeric as per your requirement and a salt as per taste. 
  • Add water, mix it well and make a thick paste. 
  • The batter is ready.

Steps to fry the bread. 

  • Cut all the bread slice into a small pieces. 
  • Keep the pan on the medium flame. 
  • When the pan gets hot add oil.
  • Now add bread pieces and fry till it get fried nicely.
  • Take out and keep it aside.

Steps to make the ‘crunchy bread slice pakoda’

  1. Keep the pan on the flame.
  2. Add oil as per the requirement. The oils should be in a large amount so that the pakoda can be fried easily and nicely. 
  3. Now take one piece of bread and dip in the batter and then put in the oil. Continue this with the rest of the bread pieces.
  4. Keep the flame at the medium. 
  5. Fry it till it gets golden brown colour in it. 
  6. Take out and serve this with coriander leaves chutney. 
  7. If you want you can add chat masala as per your taste.

The “crunchy bread slice pakoda'” is ready. Enjoy this with chutney or with a tea. Try this recipe at your home and make your time refreshing. It is super easy to make.