meat masala


Mutton curry recipe 

Ingredients :- 

  • Mutton:- 1kg (1 bowl) 
  • Curd:- 1 cup 
  • Ginger garlic paste:- 2 and 1/2 table spoon 
  • Red chilli powder:- 1 and 1/2 table spoon 
  • Hing:- 1 tea spoon 
  • Dhaniya powder:- 1 table spoon 
  • Cumin powder:- 1 table spoon 
  • Coriander leaves :- 2 table spoon ( chopped)
  • Green chilli:- 3-4 
  • Salt 
  • Black cardmom:- 1 
  • Black pepper:- 4-5 
  • Clove:- 2-3 
  • Bay leaf:- 1 
  • Cinnamon :- 2-3 (small pieces) / 1 medium size 
  • Onion:- 2 cup (sliced) 
  • Ghee :- 2-3 table spoon
  • Meat masala:- 1 table spoon 

Step wise recipe 

The very first step is to do marination. Before one hour of cooking keep the marination so that mutton would get cooked easily. 
In a bowl add mutton, ginger garlic paste, curd, red chilli powder, green chilli, hing powder, dhaniya powder, cumin powder, coriander seeds and salt as per taste. Mix everything. Keep it aside. 
After one hour, heat pan. Apply 3 table spoon of ghee to it. Fry some “khada masala” i.e. black cardmom, black pepper, bay leaf, cinnamon, clove. Now, add sliced onion and fry on a high flame. We have to fry till it becomes golden brown. 
When it gets fried , add marinated mutton to it. Fry on a high flame till it leaves water. It will take around 25-30 minutes. Till then we have to stir. Add 1/2 table spoon of meat masala, mix it. Also, cover the pan and in between we have to stir. 
Now, add water and cook it till 8-9 whistle. Take out and you will see a nice thick curry is ready. Mix 1/2 table spoon of meat masala. The mutton is also cooked. If you see the curry is not thick then cook for some more minute. 
It’s ready, garnish it with coriander leaves and then serve hot with steamed rice and onion salad. 

Restaurant style mutton curry recipe 

Meat masala 
Ingredients for meat masala
  • Coriander seeds :- 3-4 table spoon 
  • Cumin  seeds:- 1 table spoon
  • Mace:- 1 ( optional) 
  • Black cardmom:- 5 
  • Green cardamom:- 5 
  • Black pepper :- 2 table spoon 
  • Clove :- 4 
  • Cinnamon:- 1 medium size 
  • Salt 

How to prepare meat masala? 

First of all, take out all the ingredients and keep it in a plate. Then heat a pan. Add 1 table spoon of salt to it. Now on a medium to low flame mix all the ingredients and fry till nice tempting smell occurs. Swtich off flame and grind it to powder form.
You will find that one cup of masala is ready. Now use as per the requirement and keep in the air tight box for further use. Whenever you make mutton biryani or mutton curry add meat masala. This is a quick homemade recipe. 
Mutton curry recipe, meat masala

What is mutton curry? 

Mutton curry is a spicy, salty non- vegetarian dish. It is an Indian dish. To make this a lot of “khada masala” is used. An hour is been taken to cook this dish. Mutton is considered as red meat. It take a longer time to get cooked properly, so while cooking this delicious dish first it is marinated and keep for an hour. There is a two ways of cooking mutton curry. The first one is mutton curry in cooker. The second one is mutton curry in pan. Both takes the same amount of time. But we need to remember one think that while cooking mutton in pan the flame should be medium to low so that the mutton get cooked properly. The link is provided above. 
Checking if the mutton is cooked or not- when the mutton is well cooked it leaves the bones. So this is the first and the best way to know this. 


Onion:- Fry the onion till it is golden brown. This gives a nice colour and sweet taste to the dish. If this you miss or doesn’t fry properly then the colour and taste of the dish will be affected. Never hurry in this part. 
Marination:- The marination helps the mutton to cook easily and in less time. If you decide it to make at night then marinate it 3-4 hours early. When you do this then you can easily cook in pan. 
Ginger garlic paste:- While making paste remember one thing the amount of garlic you take the same amount of ginger will be also there. The equal balance will give the nice taste to the dish. 
If you want this to be hindi or in any regional and foreign language, above you will get an option to change the language. Change language according to your comfort. 
We can also make mutton biryani easily at home. A restaurant style mutton biryani at home. 

Mutton biryani recipe . Check out here. 

This is all what we need during our rest or break time. During this monsoon time, if you don’t want to travel just make at home. Sometimes order gets cancelled or comes late due to this weather. So, why to worry about if you know the right way to cook. If you are planning to have lunch whole family together then that’s the best time to prepare a delicious dish. At my home, when whole family is together and decides to lunch or dinner together then I distribute small work to them like peeel off the garlic, slice off the onion etc. So that all will sit together gossip and have fun. Engaging them in something at that time when whole family is together is much more fun. It is not imagination, it’s reality. I mainly do this. This makes the work load low and you can be also participate in the family gathering. 
This thing I am able to do but you don’t try. You must prepare meat masala, paste everything before. You can also do one thing prepare the mutton curry before if you’re are not experienced enough. Before means if you do lunch at 2 pm then complete your cooking half an hour early. And before serving heat it and serve. This is for those whose members gather late by chance at just lunch time.
This was all suggestions and hacks I would give to you which will make easy cooking. Try this out and enjoy.