Chocolate wafer sticks or chocolate cigar rolls, a crunchy chocolate stick. It’s mostly served with ice cream, chocolate shake, cake etc. Kids also love this.

Wafers sticks consists of so many different flavors like vanilla, white chocolate, mix wafer sticks in which two different flavors are added. Mostly chocolate waffle sticks is one of the most famous and favorite one.

Nowadays, there is so many varieties of wafers. 

The chocolate wafer sticks are mostly made of dark chocolate, Oreo biscuit and also by normal chocolate. 

Mostly we think about to make at home, but we don’t know the right method so we purchase it from shop. But at this very time, during this pandemic time we are scared or we avoid purchasing so many things from market. Basically, being at home we think and try of making a new things at home. So why not trying wafers stick at home. Also kids going to enjoy and love this a lot and this is also going to make you proud that you are no less than any professional chef. 

Its so easy to make and less time taking. It doesn’t need oven. It can be cooked on the normal pan/tawa

So let’s see what things we need to make the chocolate wafer sticks.


  • White flour:- 3/4 cup
  • Sugar powder:- 1/2 cup
  • Salt:- a pinch
  • Baking powder:- 1/2tbs
  • Coco powder:- 1.5tbs
  • Oil:- 3tbs
  • Milk:- 1/2 cup
  • Vanilla essence:- 1/2tbs

How to prepare the batter?

  1. Take white flour.
  2. Add sugar powder in it.
  3. Add salt. Mix it well.
  4. Now add baking powder in it.
  5. Add Coco powder. Mix it well.
  6. Add oil, then milk.
  7. Mix it well.
  8. At the last, add vanilla essence, mix it.

Steps to make the wafer sticks:-

  1. Slight heat the pan.
  2. Keep the pan aside.
  3. Now take 1tbs of batter. Drop it on the pan.
  4. Make sure the pan is not too much hot.
  5. Spread the batter nicely so that the wafer is cooked thin. 
  6. Now, keep the pan on the flame at very low flame. Let it be cooked of 2 min.
  7. Now turn the batter to another side. Let it also be cooked for 2min.
  8. After it is cooked, take out and keep the wafer on the table or a board. 
  9. For making a roll, we can use pencil, straw or skewers.
  10. Now roll the wafer nicely.
  11. Like this we will do for all the wafers.
  12. Let it get cooled. After some hours we will find that the crispy wafer is ready.

Filling  the wafers.

For filling the wafers, take choco spreads. After the wafers are cooled, fill the choco spread inside the wafers. 

Easy way to fill choco spread inside wafers:- take one plastic, add the choco spread inside and close the plastic. Cut the small are of plastic so that the spread can easily be filled in wafers or if you have anything to fill the spread nicely then it’s good. 

The chocolate wafers roll stick is ready. Serve whenever you want with any sweet dish. Also keep it in the jar and eat any day. 

 The hit of the summer is going harder and harder day by day. Also the pandemic covid-19 second phase is also increasing very fast. Every schools and colleges is closed and children’s are studying online and staying at home.

To make some moments enjoyable and full of fun here is a ‘desert’ to eat that can make your time enjoyable and good mood.

We all love chocolates , billion of people loves chocolates and when it comes about cake and ice cream the most favourite flavour is ‘chocolate’. 

So let’s try a new combo ice cream. All we have eaten kulfi and also chocolate. Let’s combine it and make ‘Chocolate kulfi’.

As personal experience it really very tasty and in look , it’s very good. During the summer , it’s really a great start and a great desert to try it.

All we need is Oreo biscuits , (instead of it Marie gold biscuit can also work) , milk ,sugar, dark chocolate , kulfi cone.


Biscuits:- 4 -5 

Dark chocolate:- 1 small cup full 

Milk:- 2 cup 

Sugar:- 3 tbs 

How to make :-

Add 4-5 biscuits in the grinder , grind it until it become thin powder. 

Take a cup , add mixture of biscuit and 14 cup of milk. Make a paste ( add milk if required).

Put a one cup milk on flame , boil the milk , add 2-3 tbs of sugar and add the chocolates and stir it until it gets thick.

Next step, add the mixture of biscuit and milk in it and let it be thickened.  After it thickens, keep it aside till it cools down. After cooling it add mixture in the jar and blend it it become a thick paste(atleast for 30sec.)

Keep the paste in the fridge for 1-2 hours.

After this again grind it and place them in the kulfi cone , stick the icecream stick in this. Close the Cone and keep it in the fridge for 10hours. 

How to serve:-

Take out the kulfi after 10 hours and serve the  ‘chocolate ice cream’ to everyone. 

Enjoy the chocolate icecream in kulfi style.