Rice Urad dal salt onion Capsicum coriander leaves


 Chila(chilka) we all have eaten in various form. It’s not only tasty but a healthy breakfast and a dinner. Chila is made of besan, chawal, urad dal , chana dal etc. 

Toady, I am going to share to my own personal favourite recipe of chila.

Veegie chila, the super tasty and full of veggies inside that changes the whole mood. Whenever I am hungry and also tired and don’t want to cook the whole meal, I just cook this because it’s very less time taking and can be made easily. We just need to have few ingredients. 

To make it ready, it will take 20-25min. 


  • Rice:- 1bowl
  • Urad dal:- half cup
  • Onion:-2 
  • Capsicum:-2 medium sized/ 1red capsicum,1yellow capsicum,1green capsicum
  • Green chilli:- 3
  • Salt
  • Coriander leaves
  • Turmeric powder
  • Carrot:-2

How to prepare batter

First, take one bowl of rice in water bowl and half cup of urad dal in the same water bowl. Keep it over night. Next morning, grind it till it become paste. Grind it for 1min. After this if you want you can add eno or you can keep it under the sun for few hours. 

These thing we can do one day before and also can kept in fridge and can be used for another day.

To prepare the Chila:-

After the batter is ready, chop the 2capsicum, also the 2 colour of capsicum can be added ,if available. Chop 2 onion in small pieces and then dhania(coriander leaves),also chop green chilli. Chop the carrot and mix all the chopped ingredients in the batter. Add salt in it as per the taste. Add haldi(turmeric powder) to get a nice colour.

How to cook:-

Place the pan on the flame. Let it get hot. After the pan is hot, add one drop of oil on tawa or we can add butter also. Now take batter, put one by one on the flame. 

After 2 minutes turn the chilla and again cook it for 2 min.

It’s ready for 2-3 people. 

Eat this with sehzwan chutney, chana dal chutney or with dhania chutney. 

How to serve:-

Serve the hot chila with your favourite chutney. 

Try this recipe at home. It’s so tasty and easy to make. Enjoy this with your family and friends during breakfast, evening snacks or during dinner time. Everyone is going to love this. Share this with your loved ones.