Schezwan chutney


Schezwan rice is an Indo-chinese form of dish or cuisine. It is hot, spicy in taste. It is a popular dish. It is eaten mainly during lunch and dinner time. 

Whenever we have left over rice and mostly we think what to do with these rice. Most of the time time we need to throw this out. But this time we don’t need to throw out. Just keep for making different dish. Mostly children loves Chinese food but we avoid chinese as it is not good for health. Also children gets bored of eating plain rice daily. So why not to try a new recepie which is super delicious in taste and everyone is going to love this. It’s very easy to make and less time taking. 

So let’s have a look on the ingredients and steps required to make this in a short time. It takes minimum 15 -20minutes.

  • Rice:- 1bowl(cooked rice)
  • Onion:- 1
  • Capsicum:- 1
  • Green chilli:- 1
  • Schezwan chutney:- 2 packet(10rupees each)
  • Mustard seed:- 1/2 tea spoon
  • Curry leave:- 4
  • Salt
  • Oil:-5 tbs 
  • Soya sauce:- 1/4 tbs
  • Red chilli sauce:-1 tbs


  1.  Put the pan on the flame. Let it get hot. 
  2.  Chop the onion, capsicum and green chilli in a small thin pieces. 
  3. Add oil in the pan. Then add mustard seed and curry leaves.
  4. Now add green chilli. Saute it for 2min.
  5. Add the chopped ingredients in it. Saute it for 5min.
  6. Now add soya sauce and mix it well. 
  7. Now add Schezwan chutney in it and red chilli sauce. 
  8. Add rice and mix it well. Now add salt as per test. 
  9. Saute it for 10 minutes and it’s ready for 2 people.
For garnishing:-
For garnishing we can add chopped coriander leaves and also green onion leaves. Now serve this hot and spicy cuisine and enjoy the dish.

Must try this out and share this with your close ones. 
For more recepie of different food check out the profile. 

 Schezwan Roti Noodles” a spicy-salty flavoured dish made of chapati(roti).

Every day we need some different dish to eat atleast for one time, basically in evening time for some taste change. 

Everyone loves Chinese food specially noodles. So let’s make a new noodles, a home made noodles. A noodle made of roti. It’s easy to make. It can be eaten at time in a day, specially in our breakfast and evening snack. 

So let’s know a recipe to make this noodles. To make this we need a left over roti. Most of the time we think what to do with the left over rotis , so it is an easy and tasty trick to finish the roti in a different and stylish way.


  • Roti:- 4 
  • Schezwan chutney:- one full cup
  • Capsicum:- green, red,yellow(1each) 
  • Cabbage:- 1/2
  • Carrot:-2
  • Onion:-3 
  • Tomato:- 2
  • Vinegar:-1tea spoon
  • Tomato sauce:- one small tea cup 
  • Chilli sauce:- half smal tea cup
  • Soya sauce:- 2tbs 
  • Green chilli:-3 
  • Beans:- 4 
  • Salt 

How to cut a roti to form a shape of a noodles?

Take 1 roti. Roll it tightly, now cut in a small pieces. It will come out like a noodles. Repeat same for all the roti.

Steps to make Schezwan Roti Noodles:-

  1. Chop the capsicum, onion , tomato, beans, cabbage,carrot,chilli.
  2. Put a pan on the flame. Let it be a medium flame. 
  3. Now put 4tbs of oil in the pan,after the pan is hot.
  4. Put all the chopped ingredients in it. Fry for 5-10 min. 
  5. Now add soya sauce, tomato sauce, chilli sauce, schezwan chutney. 
  6. Mix in it and add vinegar and then add salt as per taste.
  7. Now add roti stripes in it. Mix it well.
  8. Close the pan for 2 min. And then it is ready. 

How to serve:- 

It’s ready for 2 people. Now serve to two people in a plate or a bowl with sauce as per their choice. Serve this hot. All are going to love this dish. Specially children are going to love the new dish.

Share this with you friends and families. I love this dish a lot because in this we can add our favourite and healthy vegetables. when I tried this for the first time, it was like I am eating Chinese food. So I decided to share this with everyone. So first, I served to my brother and then with my parents. So from that time, whenever they get to know that I am going to cook this, they order me first. So this is my personal experience about this tasty recipe that you people should also try it. Make sure you try this and serve to your close ones.