tandoori macaroni recipe


Macaroni recipe  

The best 5 different Macaroni recipe. Delicious and full of cheese, masalas and veggies. Easy cooking , step wise Macaroni recipe. 

1. Fajita macaroni recipe 

It’s a chicken , veggies and macaroni mixed dish. It’s a best snack and dinner . 
Ingredients required 
  • Macaroni :- 2 cup
  • Peprika powder:- 1/2 table spoon 
  • Cumin powder :- 1/2 table spoon 
  • Black pepper powder :- 1/2 table spoon 
  • Red chilli powder :- 1/2 table spoon
  • Salt 
  • Garlic powder:- 1/2 table spoon
  • Lemon juice 
  • Tomatoes :- 1 
  • Onion and capsicum :- 1 cup
  • Chicken :- 1 cup
Step wise tandoori macaroni recipe 
  • First put 1 cup chopped chicken in the bowl. 
  • One table spoon lemon juice, one and a half table spoon black pepper, salt as per taste, pulse and mix. 
  • Marinate for 30 minutes. Now boil the macaroni. 
  • Now mix black pepper powder, paprika powder, garlic powder, salt, red chili powder in a cup.
  •  Fajita Masala is ready. 
  • Now heat a pan. Add one tablespoon oil. Add chopped onion and capsicum to the dal and saute. 
  • Add fajita masala and mix. After 1-2 minutes take out the bowl from me. 
  • Now pour oil in the pan and add chicken. 
  • Fry well for 5-6 minutes. 
  • Take out and keep it aside in a bowl. 
  • Heat the pan back. Add one tablespoon oil. 
  • Add chopped tomatoes and keep stirring for 3-4 minutes on medium flame till they become soft. 
  • Now add Fajita Masala Powder and mix. 
  • Now add cooked chicken, vegetables and mix.
  •  Lastly add macaroni and mix. After a minute, take it out on a serving plate and serve. 
  • Also, sprinkle some red chilli flakes and oregano. 

2. Cheesy pineapple Macaroni recipe

Cheese Pineapple Macaroni is very tasty, cheesy, sweet, salty dish.
The main ingredients in Cheesey Pineapple Macaroni are Macaroni, Cheese, Pineapple. This is the best snack for kids as well as adults. 
To make this, first of all we will boil the macaroni. Now prepare the white sauce. Then add boiled pasta and mix it. Add finely chopped pineapple and mix well. Mix the cheese and Italian seasoning and then pour it in the baking bowl and again spread some cheese on top. Pre-heat the oven at 350F for 10 minutes. Finally, put it in the oven to bake for 10-15 minutes. The cheesy pineapple Macaroni is ready. Serve hot.

How to make cheesy pineapple Macaroni ? 

Ingredients required
  • Macaroni :- 2 cup 
  • Cheese:- 2 cup 
  • Pineapple:- 1 cup 
  • Milk:- 100-200 ml 
  • White flour :- 2-3 table spoon 
  • Butter :- 3 table spoon 
  • Red chilli flakes :- 1 tea spoon 
  • Organo :- 1 tea spoon 
  • Sugar :- 1 table spoon 
  • Salt 
Step wise cheesy pineapple macaroni recipe
  • First of all heat the water. 
  • Add water and let it come to a boil. 
  • Add a pinch of salt. Then add the macaroni and let it come to a boil. 
  • Let it boil on medium heat. After 15 minutes, separate the macaroni from the water and add 1/2 tsp oil to the macaroni and mix it. 
  • Keep it in side.
  • Place a pan on the flame. 
  •  Once the pan is hot, keep the flame in the middle of medium to low. 
  • Add 2-3 tbsp butter. 
  • Now add white flour and mix it. After 2 minutes add a cup of milk and stir well till there are no lumps. 
  • Add 2 cups milk and keep stirring. Add extra milk as required. 
  • Now add salt and one table spoon sugar to it as per taste. 
  • After 30 seconds, mix red chilli flakes and oregano and mix. Now add boiled macaroni. 
  • After mixing, add finely chopped pineapple  and mix well. Add grated cheese and mix well.
  • Now macaroni is ready. 
  • Pre-heat the oven at 350F for 10 minutes.
  •  Transfer the macaroni to a baking bowl and spread the grated cheese on top. 
  • Put in the oven and let it bake for 10-15 minutes. 
  • Golden brown color will come out and then serve it.

3. Masala macaroni recipe

How to make masala macaroni? 

Ingredients required 
  • Macaroni :- 2 cup 
  • Onion :- 3 ( medium size) 
  • Tomato :- 1 (medium size )
  • Capsicum :- 1 
  • Carrot , beans :- 1/2 cup 
  • Tomato ketchup :- 1 cup
  • Red chilli sauce :- 1 cup 
  • Salt 
  • Ginger and garlic 
  • Red chilli flakes:- 1 tea spoon
  • Oregano :- 1 tea spoon
  • Cheese:- 1 cup 
  • Maggie instant masala :- 1 table spoon
Step wise masala macaroni recipe 
  • Boil the macaroni. 
  • Heat the pan. 
  • Now add 1 tbsp refined oil to it.
  •  Keep the flame on medium. 
  • Add finely chopped onion.
  •  Add 1/2 tsp ginger paste and 1/2 tsp garlic paste and mix. 
  • Fry for 2-3 minutes and then add finely chopped tomatoes. 
  • Now add chopped green chilies.
  •  Mix it well and then add finely chopped carrots , capsicum and beans. 
  • Saute for 2-3 minutes. Now add Maggi instant masala. 
  • Then mix red chilli flakes and oregano. Add 1/2 cup water and mix it and cover the pan. 
  • Let it cook for 5-10 minutes maximum. Now add red chilli sauce, tomato ketchup, salt as per taste and mix it.
  • Now add boiled macaroni pulses and mix well. 
  • Add 1/2 cup grated cheese and mix,
  • switch off the flame and take out the masala macaroni and serve. 
  • Before serving, garnish the macaroni with cheese and serve hot. 
  • Enjoy hot salty, spicy, spicy and cheesey masala macaroni.

4. Macaroni salad recipe 

Ingredients required 
  • Macaroni :- 2 cup
  • Mayonnaise :- 2 table spoon 
  • Onion , carrot and Capsicum :- 1 cup
  • Spring onion :- 1 table spoon 
  • Black pepper :- 1 tea spoon 
  • Lemon juice :- 1 table spoon 
  • Red chilli flakes and organo :- 1 table spoon

Step wise Macaroni salad recipe 
  • First of all boil the macaroni. 
  • Now keep the macaroni aside. 
  • Now put 2 tbsp mayonnaise in a bowl.
  • Add black pepper, red chili flakes, oregano, lemon juice and mix.
  •  Now finely chopped pieces of onion, capsicum, green onion.
  • Add boiled macaroni and mix. 
  • Mix salt according to the required taste.
  • Macaroni salad is ready. 
  • Now serve it. 
  • If you want add grated coriander leaves. 

5. Tandoori macaroni recipe 

Ingredients required 
  • Macaroni :- 2 cup 
  • Tandoori sauce :- 1 cup
  • Onion :- 1 
  • Capsicum :- 1 
  • Mayonnaise :- 1 table spoon 
  • Tomato ketchup :- 1-2 table spoon 
  • Cheese :- 1 cup
  • Red chilli flakes and oregano:- 1 table spoon 
  • Salt 
Step wise tandoori macaroni recipe 
  • First of all boil the macaroni. 
  • Heat a pan. 
  • Add 2 tbsp butter. 
  • Now add chopped onion, capsicum. Saute for 2 minutes.
  •  Now mix red chili flakes and oregano. 
  • Add Tandoori Sauce, Tomato Sauce, Mayonnaise.
  • Add salt according to taste. 
  •  Add Boiled macaroni and mix.
  •  Then add grated cheese and mix. After 1 minute, take it out in a serving bowl or plate and serve it. 
  • Tandoori Macaroni is ready.

These are all the best and easy homemade macaroni recipe. Must try out at your home. And enjoy your day.